Willowstone Farm was built in 1793 by Christian and Elizabeth Heller. It is described in Henry Mercer's The Dating of Old Houses and is on the Bucks County Register of Historic Places. It was farmed and maintained in its original condition until the 20th Century. In 1903 David and Estelle Bensinger bought the property from the estate of Sally Cope, who is also known as Dorothy, the resident ghost.

In 1928 Edwin and Huldah Taylor bought the house, barns, outbuildings and surrounding 80 acres. The property was subsequently farmed by their son, Jerome and his wife, Jane Hodshon. Jane and Jerome raised their four children Janie, Beth, Jerry and Sadie on the farm. Willowstone Farm was also home to generations of neighbors, many dogs, horses, cows, cats and canaries.

In 1966 the property was condemned and bought under Eminent Domain by the County of Bucks for the Lake Galena/Peace Valley Park Project. The house was rented out, suffered a small fire and was left boarded up. The Taylor family repeatedly asked to buy the farm but it was not until 1979 that Beth Taylor and Bob Happ, two days before their wedding, received a call saying "You want to buy the house back? Make us an offer". So they did.

In September of 1980 Beth and Bob, with their daughters, Mia and Jessica, and another generation of dogs, cats and canaries, began working on Willowstone Farm once again.